The Blog

“Bacon’s Bridge” in fact refers to two Englishmen born about 350 years apart: Roger Bacon and Francis Bacon. Roger was a medieval scholastic and Franciscan friar traditionally seen as a sort of morning star of the empirical method in the Middle Ages, while Francis Bacon was one of the chief architects, in his Novum Organum, of the intellectual movement away from Aristotelian scholasticism and towards empiricism.

My intention in writing this blog is to attempt to make clearer the intellectual bridge between classical philosophy that is open to the modern world, as exemplified by Roger, and modern philosophy as exemplified by Francis, that has judged metaphysics as so much word-juggling while producing scientific wonders that demand to have those nagging philosophical questions readdressed.


My name is Spencer Hall. I am a professional statistician and writer living in Macon, GA. Indulging the Internet’s fascination with listicles, I describe myself as:

  1. A fervently traditionalist Catholic and recent convert (confirmed 01/07/2018).
  2. A political maverick whose views are best described by the Tradinista Manifesto and the American Solidarity Party.
  3. An Anglophile specifically and Europhile generally.
  4. Anti-Trump.
  5. Interested in theology, philosophy, science, history, and whatever permutations can be made of those disciplines.
  6. A regular reader of First Things and The Spectator.
  7. An aspiring Hilaire Belloc.